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Pump & ready mix
washout service
Pump & ready mix
washout service

Suitable for any size jobs, large & small

About Us

Cleansite was created to service the construction industry with a safe, responsible and environmentally friendly alternative to the old worksite concrete washouts.

Our concrete washout pan controls, captures and contains all concrete washout water and material. We understand the importance of balancing construction with environmental impact concerns.

More Savings - More Benefits

  • Cost effective service price per pan starts as low as $395.00
  • Preventing the mess on the job site slurry concrete all over
  • Hassle free finding the right spot at your job site to dump the extra concrete & clean the chute of ready- mix trucks & the hopper of pump trucks
  • Space saving small foot print pans, fits into tight job site
  • Avoid overtime charges from ready mix & pump trucks, searching a dumping spot
  • Minimize environmental fines from D.E.C. & swppp
  • Compact fit under pump truck hopper
  • Same day pick-up service available
  • Watertight pans less spillage
  • EPA & NPDES, BMP fully compliant
  • No more headaches getting excavator or man power to clean the job site from concrete/mess
  • Save on creating pit labor & material to construct new pit on your job site
  • Save on pit demolition by exporting, back filling & regrading
  • Save on clean UPS for concrete, masonry & blocks contractors accumulation by debris of concrete, masonry, stucco, etc.
  • Forklift friendly easy for relocating on job site
  • Economical exporting demolished concrete
  • 20-30 cleanings concrete wahod


Cleansite provides cutting-edge, environmentally-safe pans for concrete washout.

Our pans are sizable and effective. This is a welcome change from the traditional solutions to concrete washout. It’s all-too-common to see washout pits, which can be cumbersome, prone to leaks, and harmful to the environment. It can also be harmful to you, as they put your entire project at risk of violating local and federal environmental regulations.

With our state-of-the-art services you won’t have to worry about of that.

Cleansite is your solution!